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NOVO Energy was born out of a need to offer cleaner and more affordable industrial and transportation fuel for the South African market. NOVO is active in Sub-Saharan African countries and provides a turnkey solution. 

NOVO ENERGY (Pty) Ltd (“NOVO”) is a sustainable energy solutions, technology and management company, which has established partnerships with leading international companies that supply sustainable energy technologies and services.

We depend largely on imported resources for our hydrocarbon supply. This has resulted in exposure to international energy supply uncertainty, reliability and price volatility.

In addition, there are negative environmental externalities associated with the use of these resources as a base energy resource. This is especially evident in the transport sector, where passenger transport generally has a low income per capita customer base, and faces a general lack of subsidised public transportation. Furthermore, thermo-industrial fuels contribute to a significant cost component that inhibits local beneficiation of agricultural or mineral resources. Imported hydrocarbons are also used for power generation in various economies that result in prohibitively expensive electricity for households, industry and commerce.

All of the above are responsible for severely restraining African economies, preventing them from being competitive in the global economy.

Industry’s quest for cheaper cleaner fuel is unlikely to end, fuel prices are set to rise globally, and the demand for fossil fuel increases daily.

A growing international trend will see countries becoming increasingly reliant on natural gas for fuel. An immediate need exists in certain areas within the Southern African transport and industrial sectors for clean, renewable and affordable energy alternatives.

While NOVO began as an integrated natural gas company, specialising in delivering comprehensive fuel solutions to vehicular, industrial, commercial and residential customers by making use of compressed natural gas (“CNG”) technology and pipelines, today NOVO offers a diverse set of solutions grouped together into 3 product offerings:
NOVO’s product offerings enable next-generation energy solutions by delivering state of the art gas solutions, infrastructure and full-service solutions that enable our clients’ businesses to grow.


To create a sustainable tomorrow by providing the best energy infrastructure and technology solutions, with our strategic partners.

To be the leading provider of sustainable, alternative and renewable energy solutions, adding value to stakeholders within Sub-Saharan Africa

To acquire, own and develop gas sources, infrastructure and technology in order to sell gas and implement solutions with our strategic partners