NOVO has the following list of operational projects:

  • On-line natural gas dispensing station operating in Germiston, Gauteng.  The station has a capacity of 52 Nm3/hour.
  • A landfill gas to vehicle facility, including an on-site dispensing station for refuelling vehicles.
  • Large on pipeline commercial compression and dispensing facility in Lincoln Road, Benoni which came on-line on the 27th November 2012.  The facility has a capacity of 850 Nm3/hour. The station has a capability to refuel a dedicated fleet of more than 1,000 minibus taxis.  Alternatively approximately 250,000 GJ/a can be moved offsite for other applications.

NOVO Energy has achieved many milestones to date; some of the accolades include the following projects (first in country).  NOVO team has been involved in the establishment of a number of compressed natural gas projects including the following:

  • Techno-economic feasibility study to evaluate a number of gaseous fuels for an international petro-chemical company.  The project involved the establishment of a CNG dispensing station (both fast and slow fill) and more than 10 million kilometres of alternative fuel use.
  • Writing the first CNG and NGV standards for South Africa and currently involved with the updating of the new South African National Standards.
  • Establishing a commercial CNG / NGV venture in Mozambique including refuelling network (3 refuelling stations) as well as establishing a large NGV fleet.  Currently minibus taxis, commercial and private vehicles are utilising gas and the Maputo Municipal bus fleet are using 150 gas busses.
  • Establishing the first commercial Landfill-to-Transport Fuel project in Africa.  The project include the harvesting of methane from a landfill site in the Ekurhuleni Municipal Municipality, Gauteng and dispenses the gas to e fleet of private, commercial and public transport customers.
  • Establishing a demonstration gas dispensing station for Egoli Gas in Johannesburg as well as the conversion of a small demonstration fleet.
  • Establishing 2 additional gas dispensing stations from on-line pipeline supply.  The latter is the first commercial gas dispensing station in South Africa and furthermore has the capacity to supply CNG to industrial customers via a mobile delivery system.