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Boiler and steam applications are becoming increasingly costly to run within the Food and Beverage Industry, due to maintenance, downtime, rising fuel costs, and uncertainty in fuel quality. On top of that, carbon tax will further increase the costs of boiler operation, especially for users of coal. From an operational point of view, planned, and unplanned maintenance results in halts in production, and ultimately reduction in profits. In addition, electricity supply security is a growing concern due to load-shedding.


NOVO offers comprehensive, turnkey solutions for procurement, fabrication, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance of steam systems, which results in maximised uptime and increased productivity, whilst incurring lower costs. Natural gas has the lowest emissions factor for any hydrocarbon fuel, and therefore the lowest impact on carbon tax. NOVO offers a range of audits, from walk-through to in-depth energy audits to assist customers to increase efficiency, as well as optimise processes and stimulate savings. Integrated Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems can bring about high efficiency, lower overall energy costs, and higher production uptime.