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Energy security is a large challenge facing the Mining Industry, due to unreliable electricity supply (load-shedding) and increasing energy (electricity) and hydrocarbon fuel costs. As new mines are built, access to grid electricity is costly, and not guaranteed. New connections have a high CapEx requirement, and diesel baseload generation has a high OpEx cost. The country relies heavily on the mining sector for job creation, and as energy costs impact mines, fewer jobs are retained/created.


NOVO understands these challenges and is able to supply energy for heating and power generation to any location. Simple infrastructure setup means CNG/LNG can be transported to remote locations. There is an OpEx cost reduction of up to 50% versus baseline Diesel generation. A benefit of gas within a mining context is that gas prices are stable and price increases are predictable. Along with high efficiency, using gas lowers energy costs resulting in better margins for mines, and ultimately more jobs can be retained and/or created. NOVO offers in depth energy auditing and environmental consulting, with the aim of reducing energy requirements and cost of energy, whilst focusing on increasing productivity through reduced downtime, enhanced and optimised processes.