NOVO Energy uses proprietary CNG technology to supply natural gas for Transport, Industrial, Domestic, Commercial and Power Generation applications. Our customised solutions are designed to meet your energy requirements and offer significant savings against your alternative energy source.  CNG is highly competitive against other energy carriers and savings of up to 40% can be achieved.  

The gas supply options are not restricted by proximity of gas supply pipe lines, source of renewable gas or source of unconventional gas. NOVO Energy is able to Compress and Transport gas from existing compression and dispensing stations to customers up to 150 km away from the compression stations.  

Fleet Customers, Municipalities, Corporate Entities, Public Transport Vehicles and private individuals can all benefit by converting their vehicles to operate on CNG. The financial benefits of using gas and the environmental benefits outweigh the inv

For Industrial, Commercial, Power Generation and Domestic applications, NOVO is also able to supply gas directly to your point of need to utilise the gas.  The gas can delivered at any quantity or pressure to suite your requirements.  NO