NOVO has the capability to design, fabricate, supply, construct and operate the necessary infrastructure required for the production, collection, cleaning, compression, transportation and delivery of compressed natural gas for a variety of applications.

NOVO offers the following:

  • CBM, Biogas and Unconventional Gas Collection Systems, including Pipelines and Flares;
  • CBM and Unconventional Gas Conditioning Technology;
  • Proprietary technology for Biogas filtering and scrubbing;
  • Proven Natural Gas Compression Solutions
  • Compressed Natural Gas Transportation and Delivery Systems
  • Natural Gas Vehicle Dispensing Solutions
  • Compliant and Trained Vehicle Conversion and Maintenance Centres
  • Project management and Consultancy Services 

​NOVO can provide turnkey Gas Infrastructure Solutions to capture, clean, compress and transport gas to market. These solutions are provided on a Built, Own, Operate basis whereby no capital outlay is required or on a Built Transfer basis. 

Large fleet owners can be provided with the required infrastructure for refuelling of their fleets on site.  These solutions can include the supply of gas or can simply be refuelling infrastructure should the customer have pipeline gas available

​NOVO in partnership with The Combustion Group can provide turnkey solutions for the delivery and utilisation of gas to industrial users that are not connected to an existing natural gas pipeline.  NOVO provides customised, integrated a