NOVO can offer a wide range of Solutions and Services (“S&S”) for customers wishing to utilise Compressed Natural Gas.  These S&S not only include technical solutions to utilise the gas in vehicles, factories and business but also the advisory and consulting services required to ensure a sustainable and affordable solution is designed for the customer.  The Scope of Solutions and Services include:

  • Fleet Solutions including vehicle conversions and advise on OEM vehicle suppliers;
  • Fleet Management Services and Solutions
  • Gas equipment solutions for Industrial, Commercial, Domestic and Power Generation applications;
  • Desktop Investigations & Feasibility Studies;
  • Financial analysis and cost-benefit-studies;
  • Funding Solutions and Services;
  • Project Management;
  • Engineering, Design, Construction and Operation of gas supply, infrastructure and technical solutions;
  • Training and Development;
  • Regulatory compliance regarding NEMA, the OHSAct (Pressure Equipment Regulations) and South African National Standards.