NOVO provides customised, integrated and turnkey natural gas solutions to its customers in the Transport, Industrial, Domestic, Commercial and Power Generation segments using Compressed Natural Gas Technology.  These solutions include Gas Supply, Gas Infrastructure and tailored Customer Solutions and Services

NOVO Energy uses proprietary CNG technology to supply natural gas for Transport, Industrial, Domestic, Commercial and Power Generation applications. Our customised solutions are designed to meet your energy requirements and offer significant savings against your alternative energy source. CNG is highly competitive against other energy carriers and savings of up to 40% can be achieved. The gas supply options are not restricted by proximity of gas supply pipe lines, source of renew

NOVO has the capability to design, fabricate, supply, construct and operate the necessary infrastructure required for the production, collection, cleaning, compression, transportation and delivery of compressed natural gas for a variety of applications. NOVO offers the following: CBM, Biogas and Unconventional Gas Collection Systems, including Pipelines and Flares; CBM and Unconventional Gas Conditioning Technology; Proprietary technology for Biogas filtering and scrubbing; Proven

NOVO can offer a wide range of Solutions and Services (“S&S”) for customers wishing to utilise Compressed Natural Gas. These S&S not only include technical solutions to utilise the gas in vehicles, factories and business but also the advisory and consulting services required to ensure a sustainable and affordable solution is designed for the customer. The Scope of Solutions and Services include: Fleet Solutions including vehicle conversions and advise on OEM