The transportation sector (particularly cars, trucks, and buses) is one of the greatest contributors to air pollution across the world. Vehicles emissions contribute to smog, low visibility, and various greenhouse gas emissions.

Natural gas can be used in the transportation sector to lower the high levels of pollution from petrol and diesel powered vehicles. According to the American Studies, compared to petrol and diesel vehicles, Natural Gas Vehicles have reductions in carbon monoxide emissions of up to 90 to 97 %, and reductions in carbon dioxide emissions of 25 %. Nitrogen oxide emissions can be reduced by 35 to 60 %, and other non-methane hydrocarbon emissions could be reduced by as much as 50 to 75 %. Furthermore, due to the relatively simple makeup of natural gas in comparison to conventional vehicle fuels, there are fewer toxic and carcinogenic emissions from natural gas vehicles, and virtually no particulate emissions.

Furthermore, natural gas is a very safe fuel. Being lighter than air, in the event of an accident natural gas simply dissipates into the atmosphere, instead of forming a dangerous flammable pool on the ground like other liquid fuels. This also prevents the pollution of ground water in the event of a spill. Natural gas fuel storage tanks on current NGVs are stronger and sturdier than gasoline tanks.

With over 16 million vehicles using CNG worldwide, South Africa is making the transition to switch to natural gas. Using natural gas in vehicles has further benefits like increasing the country’s energy security, greater fuel diversity, and reducing the cost of public health care through reduced cancer causing vehicle emissions. 

NOVO Energy provides turnkey solutions for the following segments and applications in the transport sector:

  • Public Transport – Bus Operators, Taxis Owners,
  • Municipal – Metro Buses, Emergency Vehicles, Maintenance Vehicles, G-fleet
  • Commercial – Corporate vehicles, Forklifts, support vehicles
  • Logistics – General Trading, Delivery vehicles
  • Utilities - Heavy duty vehicles
  • Security – Patrol cars