Apart from natural gas being an affordable form of energy and good value for the domestic consumer, it also has a number of varied uses. The most common known uses for natural gas around the home are for water heating, space heating and cooking. Cooking with natural gas stoves and ovens can provide many benefits, including easy temperature control, self-ignition and self-cleaning, as well as reducing the cost of cooking with an electric appliance. Many of the top chefs prefer natural gas ranges for their quick heating ability and temperature control. Newer generations of natural gas appliances allow for some of the most efficient, economical, and responsive cooking and heating.

Natural gas is also used extensively for domestic water heating. The water heating units heat the water directly as it moves through the unit and requires no storage effectively never running out of hot water, they are considerably more efficient than their electrical counterparts and require less maintenance. Other natural gas appliances include space heaters, air conditioners clothes dryers, pool and jacuzzi heaters, fireplaces, barbecues, and outdoor lights. All of these appliances offer a safe, efficient, and economical alternative to electricity or other energy sources.

NOVO provides a bulk turnkey solution for developers of clusters and residential estates for delivery of CNG on site and is able to advise on metering, reticulation and appliance selection.