Natural gas, because of its clean burning properties, has become a very popular alternative fuel for the generation of electricity. While coal in South Africa is the cheapest fossil fuel for generating electricity, it is also the dirtiest, releasing the highest levels of pollutants into the atmosphere. With increasing world pressure on reducing emissions, electricity suppliers are looking at cleaner ways of generating electricity. Due to it being viewed as a cleaner energy source and the advancement in technology, natural gas electricity generators are seen as alternatives to coal fired power stations.

Natural gas can be used to generate electricity in various ways, and in many instances the gas is used to substitute the existing energy source for power generation. Some of the methods where natural gas can be used are as follows:

  • Steam Generation Units
  • Centralise Gas Turbines
  • Combined Cycle Units
  • Industrial Gas Fired Turbines
  • Micro Turbines
  • Natural Gas-Fired Reciprocating Engines

Fuel cells and advancement in technology is also becoming an important consideration in electricity generation natural gas can be used to provide the energy to assist in fuel cells generating electricity.

NOVO provides turnkey solutions, including reticulation, infrastructure design and compliance, for bulk delivery of CNG for power generation.